Previously we have four starting classes as follow:

  • Warrior (one-handed weapon & shield)
  • Guardian (one-handed weapon & shield)
  • Ranger (bow)
  • Archer (bow)

But when you loot a small or two-handed weapon, what are you gonna use them for? There are no starting characters that can wield them!

That’s why we decided to change the starting character class. It will allow you to use any weapon from the start of the game, and it also opens up more varied gameplay style across the starting characters.

We have two new classes that you can play as: Barbarian and Botanist.

Aku is now a barbarian. Barbarian wields a two-handed weapon, focusing on dealing massive damage to the enemies. Barbarian is the slowest when it comes to speed, but her weapon swing will become faster the more she does uninterrupted combos.

The first skill of Barbarian is ‘Heavy Throw’, which is quite self-explanatory. And the second skill is called ‘Hook Slam’, a series of movement that will incapacitate enemies around her.

Botanist is more of a support class. Wielding two small weapons, botanist can deliver quick combos to the enemies. With extra satchel, botanist can carry more stuff in the inventory.

First skill of the botanist is called ‘Aroma Therapy’. It will release a burst of healing cloud around her, restoring a small amount of health to her and her allies. The second skill is called ‘Tangled”. With this skill, Mereka will throw some plants that will trap any enemies who step on it. Once trapped, the enemies will become immobilized for a small period of time, allowing for crowd control.

But wait, what will happen to the old class? What if I want to play as Guardian or Ranger? Well, they’ll be still in the game, but we thought that it’d be cool to include them as unlockable characters.

On top of that, we’re also preparing for a public demo. To make sure you don’t miss it, like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

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