Galactic Rush

Galactic Rush is a 2d endless runner set in space.

Avoid obstacles and survive as far as you can. There are currently 7 planets to play on, and about 50 characters to unlock! Each with their unique perks on their own.

It all started in an annual Galactic Convention, when someone forgot to order snacks for the convention attendee. And obviously, the convention cannot start without snacks. This is no trivial task, someone need to fetch the snacks. fast. But who’s the fastest? And so the Galactic Rush began…



Galactic Rush is available on:


What’s with the dynajet?
You can tap and hold to fly while using dynajet.

The touch is not responsive!
Open the options menu and then try to increase the sensitivity. On some devices, decreasing sensitivity will actually improve the touch responsiveness, try play around with the slider and find the one suits you the most.

I like your Facebook/Twitter but didn’t get the reward?
You need to like/follow from within the game. First open the game, choose the about icon, then click the respective icon whether it’s Facebook or Twitter. After liking or following, tap back until you back in the game, go to Hall of Fame, select the respective challenge and collect the rewards!