Being a secret agent? That’s Unpossible!
You know what’s possible though? Managing said secret agents.

Mission Unpossible tells a story about Aeron, a boy who is searching for his missing parents. With the help of his parents’ friend, he decided to create a spy agency. As it turned out his parents are not what they seem they were.

So how does the game work? What do you do in it?

This game is a mix of a light management/simulation and text adventure game. There are two phases of the game. First is the managing part, this is where you recruit agents, promote them up, pay their salary, and buy some gear for them. The agents are divided into four classes, where each class is better at certain stats. For example, the Hitman, generally have a higher lethality stats.

The second phase is where you send your agents to a mission. When in mission, you will have to decide what’s the best course of action for your agents to proceed. The simplest example for this is, there’s a guard in the way, should your agent take him out, or sneak past by? Any of these choices outcome is determined by your agents’ stats. If you have an agent with high stats on stealth, then the sneak option will most likely be successful.

Later in the game you will meet various factions. You can befriend these factions by completing mission for them, or if you are swimming in a pool of money, you can just bribe them. Once befriended these factions will give you perks such as new vacations or gears for your agents. Wait, vacation? Yeah, every mission you do will increase your heat, and you will need to lay low for a while, wait for the heat to go down or bad things might happen.

And to close it off, Mission Unpossible is now available on Windows and Android for $1.99!


(Free Trial Available)