Generally, it’s a terrible idea to meet the bears in real life. But lucky for us, in Paw Paw Paw these bears are total sweethearts (except when dealing with their enemies). There are four starting characters in Paw Paw Paw, each with their own unique abilities and skills. All of them are part of the resistance and all of them are eager to meet you!

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s meet the bears! šŸ˜€

First on the list is a bear named Kamu.Ā As a warrior, Kamu focuses on strength and dealing maximum damage to the enemies. Being on the frontline and in the thick of the battle most of the time, Kamu uses a one-handed weapon and shield as his weapons of choice. Kamu has an auto counter ability, which will push back attacking enemies with his shield when he’s guarding.

Kamu’s first skill is ‘Shield Charge’. Kamu will charge forward pushing everyone in his path away with his trusty shield. His second skill is called ‘Heavy Blow’, where Kamu leaps forward damaging enemies caught in the area.

While Kamu relies heavily on strength, he also has balanced stats which make him easy to pick up and play for new players.

Next on the rooster is Aku. Aku is a guardian, which means Aku isĀ tough as hell. Just like Kamu, Aku is armed with a one-handed weapon on one hand and shield on the other. Compared to the other bears, Aku is the slowest when it comes to speed. But unlike the others, Aku can walk while guarding.

If you thinkĀ Aku isĀ tough already, wait until you hear the first skill ‘Armor Up’, which will grant Aku extra armor and increase her defenses. Aku also has a skill called ‘Mighty Stomp’, which will deal damage and knock back all immediate enemies surrounding her.

Mereka isĀ another one of the starting characters that you can play in Paw Paw Paw. Mereka is a ranger, utilizing both ranged and melee attack to her advantages.Ā As a ranger, Mereka is highly trained onĀ using a bow and can easily spot her enemies’ weakness.Ā  Mereka’s passive ability grants her higher critical chance when hitting enemies with low health.

First skill on Mereka’s book is called ‘Aerial Blade’. This skill will extend Mereka’s melee attack range, which will helpĀ in keeping the enemies at bay. Mereka’s next skill is called ‘Trick Shot’ in which she charges forward and performs a backflip trick shot. It also deals tons of damages to the enemies caught in the fray.

Lastly, meet Kita, the fourth bear on our list. Kita is a self-trained archer, there’s not a day you can find Kita without his trusty bow. Being an archer doesn’t stop Kita from using melee attacks on the enemies, although his melee does considerably less damage than his ranged ones. On top of that, Kita’s passive ability allows him toĀ gain more energy when using his ranged attack.

Kita can shoot a powerful penetrating arrow using his skill ‘Precision Shot’, which also stun the enemies. His other skill is called ‘Piercing Rain’, in which he shot multiple arrows to the skies.

It can be difficult for new players to pick up Kita right away since ranged attack is a bit harder to aim than melee. But Kita can be a quite powerful character later in the game.

So that’s it, you’ve met them! What do you think of them?

Who’s your favorite?

Please keep in mind that these are just the starting characters in Paw Paw Paw, there will be more unlockable characters in the game (which might or might not be bears). Also since the game is still in development, everything is subject to change.

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