We live in an exciting time. Exoskeleton suit isn’t just a sci fi anymore, biological printing is on the rise, scientists have observed the birth of a planet, people use advanced drone technologies to take selfies. And on top of all that, we’re moving our website to simpleton.rocks. What an exciting time indeed.

There are several reasons why we’re moving from our old site, tonsofsimplethings.com (unaccessible by now). First, tons of simple things, as amusing as it might sound (we are easily amused), was too long to remember for a website address. Second, the website was not quite as we wanted it to be, or maybe we just simply didn’t have any idea what we wanted in the first place. But the most important reason that cemented our decision to move was because we accidentally discovered that .rocks domain is exist, and that is pretty much instabuy from us.

On another news, we are currently busy preparing, testing, and squashing bugs for our upcoming game, Mission Unpossible!